How To Sell Your Car Online in Japan

Japan is the country that always ahead with the technology so some points are going to very beneficial while selling you old car online. Every person replaces his old car with the new one for getting better performance and durability but when you go to sell you old one one question arises in the mind that you should sell it offline or online?

The answer is nowadays there are so many sites available over the internet that helps to sell your car with the ease of going anywhere and bargaining. They follow a process that is as follows:

First step:
You have to choose a site where you want to sell your car. This is a crucial thing but you can surf the net and can decide that which site is best fit for you because every person has his own requirements.

Second Step:
After choosing a site you can go to their seller page and you have to fill the form but please fill your car and personal details accurately.

Third Step:
After analyzing your application they will call you for making an appointment for inspecting your car and also they email you the assessment of your car. So you can communicate them and can fix the meeting as your convenient time and date.

Fourth Step:
They will come to your place and will inspect your car. While inspecting some factors that affect the selling price are:
1) The color of the car always affects the price. In Japan, the user prefers the color black and white so you can get more price rather than other colors. But make sure your car color not faded away.
2) The second factor that affects is mileage of your car. If your car gives good mileage it can give you a good selling price but in Japan, if your car has completed the run over one lac km than it would be very hard or we can say impossible to sell.
3) The another factor that affects is the interior of the car if you have a leather interior and a good navigation system you can get more money from your car.
4) The fourth factor is the age of your car. If your car is not too old you can sell that better.
5) And the last but not the least factor that affects is the exterior of the car. If your car doesn’t have scratches and not accidental then you get a handsome money for that.

Fifth Step:
After a complete inspection, they will give you an estimated price of the car. So if you agree with the estimated they will proceed further if not you can bargain with them a little bit.

Sixth Step:
Their representative will collect the car from your place as well as all the other accessories, keys, and documents of the car.

Seventh Step:
In the meanwhile, the money will be transferred to your bank account that you have given them.

Eighth Step:
When the payment procedure is complete they will give you a confirmation and a receipt. The registration process of changing the name of the owner takes some days so they will give you the notification when it will be done.

Perhaps selling your vehicle online gives you comfort but you have to be careful as well. Before you sell your car check out this amazing Japan car auction site

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