How Does A Thermostat Work?

A curious mind is always fascinated and would always wonder how certain things work, things like a thermostat. In this article we would briefly explain what a thermostat is, how it works and why you need it in your homes.

Thermostats basically measure the temperature of a space which could be your home, office, shop etc., it goes further to use the data gotten to regulate the temperature by activating your heater/furnace or air conditioner based on the settings of the thermostat.

The first thermostat was invented in the 17th century but as you would expect, in modern times thermostats are now of a digital nature. In this article, we would primarily be focused on how a thermostat works.

A thermostat is basically an automatic switch that has a temperature sensor which is solely responsible for the opening and closing of the switch which consequently affects the electric circuit that controls the cooling and heating system of the building. A thermostat can carry out its functions either electronically or mechanically and I’m about to let you in on the coolest part – the modern day thermostat when connected to the Wi-Fi can fundamentally be controlled and managed using your smart phone, tablet, or laptop, very appealing right? I thought so too when I discovered this. The best Wi-Fi thermostat reviews can be seen on and I can assure you they are all very insightful.
Let us try not to get confused by the technicalities and jargon, in very simple words the thermostat detects and senses the temperature level and turns on the heater or air conditioner based on what is required. It is important to note that the thermostat works based on how it has been set by the user. There are three types of thermostats and these are the mechanical, programmable and non-programmable/digital thermostats.

The mechanical thermostats entail a manual
setting which merely means that you need to set the thermostat based on your
needs, so for example if you want it to be higher you need to manually set it
that way, it happens quite often that the temperature setting might not provide
a precise temperature setting as typical of all things manual. This is quite similar to the digital thermostat in the aspect of manually setting it but for this, the temperature setting is more reliable while the programmable is more advanced and provides more options.

Do you need a thermostat in your home? the answer is YES. Our bodies are self-regulating but this does not apply to other things such as our homes. It can be daunting trying to choose the right thermostat to purchase considering the variety of options available. In my bid to conduct a research on this, I stumbled on a number of articles which to be honest left me a little confused.

On, you would get a clear direction on not just why you need a thermostat but also the website gives recommendations and apt reviews on the variety of thermostats. As you would have guessed, I am particularly drawn to the Wi-Fi programmable home thermostats and all you need to know about these ranging from how it works to the devices it works with to the best models you can find in the market, all these can be found on

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